A retired Chartered Engineer, I spent most of my career with British Aerospace (now BAE Systems). Photography is a hobby which has recently converged with another interest, computing, as you will see from recent posts.

I achieved the CPAGB (The Credit award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) not long after it was introduced in the early ’90s but have not been motivated to pursue the higher distinctions.

After years of darkroom work in monochrome and in colour, it became clear that digital technology would prevail and along with most others, I ‘went digital’. My interest in panoramic photography dates from about 2002, when members of Oldham Photographic Society were invited to produce panoramas for an exhibition by Gallery Oldham in August 2003. This is my image on the flyer.


Since 2008 when I first discovered Ubuntu (a popular ‘flavour’ of Linux) I have gradually migrated my photographic processing from those well-known commercial packages running on MS Windows, to open source software running on Linux, abandoning Windows entirely when XP became extinct.

I have been a member of Oldham Photographic Society, one of the oldest in the country (Est. 1867), for many years and have held the offices of President, Secretary and Treasurer several times. Between 2003 and 2010 I lectured to photographic clubs in Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire on the subject of panoramic photography.


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